Interface ZipReaderOptions

Represents options passed to the constructor of ZipReader and Entry#getData.

interface ZipReaderOptions {
    checkSignature?: boolean;
    password?: string;
    preventClose?: boolean;
    rawPassword?: Uint8Array;
    signal?: AbortSignal;
    transferStreams?: boolean;

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checkSignature?: boolean

true to check the signature of the entry.

Default Value

password?: string

The password used to decrypt the content of the entry.

preventClose?: boolean

true to prevent closing of Writer#writable when calling Entry#getData.

Default Value

rawPassword?: Uint8Array

The password used to encrypt the content of the entry (raw).

signal?: AbortSignal

The AbortSignal instance used to cancel the decompression.

transferStreams?: boolean

true to transfer streams to web workers when decompressing data.

Default Value