Class ZipReader<Type>

Represents an instance used to read a zip file.


Here is an example showing how to read the text data of the first entry from a zip file:

// create a BlobReader to read with a ZipReader the zip from a Blob object
const reader = new zip.ZipReader(new zip.BlobReader(blob));

// get all entries from the zip
const entries = await reader.getEntries();
if (entries.length) {

// get first entry content as text by using a TextWriter
const text = await entries[0].getData(
// writer
new zip.TextWriter(),
// options
onprogress: (index, max) => {
// onprogress callback
// text contains the entry data as a String

// close the ZipReader
await reader.close();

Type Parameters

  • Type



appendedData?: Uint8Array

The data appended after the zip file.

comment: Uint8Array

The global comment of the zip file.

prependedData?: Uint8Array

The data prepended before the zip file.


  • Closes the zip file

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Returns a generator used to iterate on all the entries in the zip file


    Returns AsyncGenerator<Entry, boolean, unknown>

    An asynchronous generator of Entry instances.

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