Interface ZipReaderGetEntriesOptions

Represents the options passed to ZipReader#getEntries and ZipReader#getEntriesGenerator.

interface ZipReaderGetEntriesOptions {
    commentEncoding?: string;
    filenameEncoding?: string;
    decodeText?(value, encoding): string;
    onprogress?(progress, total, entry): Promise<void>;

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commentEncoding?: string

The encoding of the comment of the entry.

filenameEncoding?: string

The encoding of the filename of the entry.


  • Decodes the filename and the comment of the entry.


    • value: Uint8Array

      The raw text value.

    • encoding: string

      The encoding of the text.

    Returns string

    The decoded text value or undefined if the raw text value should be decoded by zip.js.

  • The function called each time an entry is read/written.


    • progress: number

      The entry index.

    • total: number

      The total number of entries.

    • entry: EntryMetaData

      The entry being read/written.

    Returns Promise<void>

    An empty promise or undefined.