Interface Entry

Represents an entry with its data and metadata in a zip file (Core API).

interface Entry {
    comment: string;
    commentUTF8: boolean;
    compressedSize: number;
    creationDate?: Date;
    directory: boolean;
    diskNumberStart: number;
    encrypted: boolean;
    externalFileAttribute: number;
    extraField?: Map<number, Uint8Array>;
    filename: string;
    filenameUTF8: boolean;
    internalFileAttribute: number;
    lastAccessDate?: Date;
    lastModDate: Date;
    msDosCompatible: boolean;
    offset: number;
    rawComment: Uint8Array;
    rawCreationDate?: number | bigint;
    rawExtraField: Uint8Array;
    rawFilename: Uint8Array;
    rawLastAccessDate?: number | bigint;
    rawLastModDate: number | bigint;
    signature: number;
    uncompressedSize: number;
    version: number;
    versionMadeBy: number;
    zip64: boolean;
    getData?<Type>(writer, options?): Promise<Type>;
    getData?(writer, options): Promise<void>;

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comment: string

The comment of the entry.

commentUTF8: boolean

true if the comment is encoded in UTF-8.

compressedSize: number

The size of the compressed data in bytes.

creationDate?: Date

The creation date.

directory: boolean

true if the entry is a directory.

diskNumberStart: number

The number of the disk where the entry data starts.

encrypted: boolean

true if the content of the entry is encrypted.

externalFileAttribute: number

The external file attribute (raw).

extraField?: Map<number, Uint8Array>

The extra field.

filename: string

The filename of the entry.

filenameUTF8: boolean

true if the filename is encoded in UTF-8.

internalFileAttribute: number

The internal file attribute (raw).

lastAccessDate?: Date

The last access date.

lastModDate: Date

The last modification date.

msDosCompatible: boolean

true if internalFileAttribute and externalFileAttribute are compatible with MS-DOS format.

offset: number

The byte offset of the entry.

rawComment: Uint8Array

The comment of the entry (raw).

rawCreationDate?: number | bigint

The creation date (raw).

rawExtraField: Uint8Array

The extra field (raw).

rawFilename: Uint8Array

The filename of the entry (raw).

rawLastAccessDate?: number | bigint

The last access date (raw).

rawLastModDate: number | bigint

The last modification date (raw).

signature: number

The signature (CRC32 checksum) of the content.

uncompressedSize: number

The size of the decompressed data in bytes.

version: number

The "Version" field.

versionMadeBy: number

The "Version made by" field.

zip64: boolean

true if the entry is using Zip64.


  • Returns the content of the entry

    Type Parameters

    • Type


    Returns Promise<Type>

    A promise resolving to the type to data associated to writer.

  • Tests if the password is valid.


    Returns Promise<void>