Represents an entry in a zip file (Filesystem API).

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children: ZipEntry[]

The children of the entry.

The underlying EntryMetaData instance.

id: number

The ID of the instance.

name: string

The relative filename of the entry.

parent?: ZipEntry

The parent directory of the entry.

uncompressedSize: number

The uncompressed size of the content.


  • Tests the password on the entry and all children if any, returns true if the entry is not password protected


    Returns Promise<boolean>

  • Clones the entry


    • Optional deepClone: boolean

      true to clone all the descendants.

    Returns ZipEntry

  • Returns the full filename of the entry

    Returns string

  • Returns the filename of the entry relative to a parent directory


    Returns string

  • Tests if the entry or any of its children is password protected

    Returns boolean

  • Set the name of the entry


    • name: string

      The new name of the entry.

    Returns void