New Feature: Self-Extracting ZIP Files Added to SingleFile (version 1.22)

As part of my ongoing efforts, I'm delighted to introduce a very exciting new feature to SingleFile: self-extracting ZIP files.
This feature was taken over from the SingleFileZ fork, which allowed me to work for several years on its implementation and integration.

What Are Self-Extracting ZIP Files?

Self-extracting ZIP files are ZIP files that can be opened in any browser without any extension. They are similar to the HTML files generated by default with SingleFile, but at least 30% smaller. These files can also be decompressed for easy access to the page's internal resources (images, stylesheets, fonts, etc.). As a bonus, these formats can also be used to generate password-protected ZIP files. The only drawback is that they require JavaScript to be enabled for viewing.

You can now choose between two formats when saving web pages:

Additionally to these new formats, you can also save web pages as simple ZIP files.

Example of Self-Extracting ZIP File

To give you an idea, here's an example (archive of of a universal self-extracting ZIP file: Self-extracting archive (universal).html (123 KB) that you can compare with the HTML file generated by default with SingleFile: Self-extracting archive.html (193 KB) with the same settings.

How to Access the Feature?

To access these new formats, go to the "File format" section in the options page of SingleFile.

Thank You for Your Support!

I want to express my gratitude for your continued support and feedback.